Friday, October 22, 2010

Give your hair a rest - Imperfection is Perfection

With all the styling, drying, flat ironing, curling, and Lord knows what else, our hair could really use a break and so could our arms. So go ahead, try this out...

After your shower, towel dry your hair and add a little leave-in conditioner. Allow your hair to air-dry or if you prefer the wet look tossle your hair around and add a little hair spray. Randomly pin the hair back and out of your face, twisting as you go (if you're really good you could even braid little pieces and pin them back). The goal is not to have a perfect updo but a messy laissez-faire one.

Add a cute little hairband and you are ready to fly out the door in just under 10 minutes!

Jennifer Behr is my favourite, Jennifer Ouellette is also a great go-to hairband for those inbetween styling days.